Car Insurance

Auto insurance made simple! Whether you are a safe driver, young driver or a high risk driver-- we can find you the most competitive options for you with the discounts you deserve

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Home Insurance

It's more than a house, it is your home. Don't take chances. Your house is your biggest asset, we can make sure it is covered to help you sleep soundly.

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Insurance for life

Our solutions are a backup capital to protect your income and preserve your quality of life and your family in case of an eventuality. What we want is to provide greater peace of mind to you and your family, in addition to the accounts with the service, assistance and quality that only Agetn María González can provide.

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Trucking Insurance

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We are an insurance agency specializing in commercial truck insurance and transportation insurance coverage. We offer protection for you and your commercial trucking and transportation needs including auto liability, non-trucking liability (bobtail), general liability, motor truck cargo, and physical damage trailer interchange.

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The most important thing of our day to day is to guarantee the security and a smile in our clients and make them feel part of our big family.

We are  family-owned and operating in the Los Angeles area. Since our company opened its doors we’ve treated every customer like a part of our family.

Maria Gonzalez Welcome, Mujer Maravilla! Excited to have you here and part of the community 🙂

This is a great group for learning new things and making connections with referral partners! We also have some free resources as well as an awesome insurance marketing toolkit & training subscription for learning digital marketing at if you want to check it out.

Myself, the other admins, and the group members are always happy to help with anything as well 🙂

saves time and money

I invite you to join me. You have the best insurance for your car, your home and more services at affordable prices and insurance for you and your family.